Twelfth Night Revels


Weather-shmeather! That snow was nothin’. Looks like were in the clear for all of our Week 3 shows.

The Twelfth Night Revels are part of a long-standing tradition that highlights The Orpheus Club season year after year. An irreverent and humorous musical production staged by a select group from within the Club, our Revels feature original arrangements (and sometimes lyrics) to songs loosely linked by a topical plotline.

The music includes a wide variety of styles, and all roles are played by OC men in stunning and sometimes outrageous costumes and make-up. Presented at the OC clubhouse at 254 Van Pelt Street, evening dress is requested (except at any matinee, when the dress is business attire).

Following the show, refreshments and a light buffet are served and the cast, along with other Singing Members present, put on an impromptu “Round Table” performance. Each Associate Member receives an invitation for two to a Revels evening of their choosing, subject to availability.

Our 2017 Show:

She Soups to Conquer – or – Un Oeuf is Enough

A once-storied Parisian cooking school is faced with imminent extinction. Can it be saved by Gordon Ramsay’s monstrous ego? Or will the machinations of a spicy ragout (half-baked mélange?) of culinary would-be’s and has-beens prove once and for all that too many cooks spoil the broth? Will L’Ecole Gastronomique go down in history as a Michelin three star triumph? … or just as a recipe for disaster? You be the judge, as the 2017 Orpheus Club Twelfth Night Revels serves up un peu d’esprit, a soupcon of good music, and the usual bubbling cauldron of madcap nonsense. Be sure to make your reservation! We promise: You will roux the day if you forget!

Performance Schedule:

Week #1 – 8:30pm start
Fri Jan 27, Sat Jan 28, Sun Jan 29 (3:30pm matinee)

Week #2 – 8:30pm start
Thu Feb 2, Fri Feb 3, Sat Feb 4

Week #3 – 8:30pm start
Fri Feb 10, Sat Feb 11

Shortly after the Holidays, all members will receive reservation forms permitting them to select preferences for show dates. All dates for this season are listed on this page.