Officers & Committees

2022-2024 Administration

Officers of the Executive Committee

President: Gary C. Canner 
Vice President: John W. Church, III
Treasurer: John B. McLeod 
Secretary: Christopher M. Arfaa
Librarian: Bradley N. Richards 

Executive Committee

The Officers (listed above), immediate past officers, and,
Joseph F. Claffy, Matthew I. Lewis (2020-2023)
Charles P. Keates, Michael R. Mariano (2021-2024)
Frank H. Griffin IV, Michael J. Liggera (2022-2025)

Main Committee Chairmen:

Music Committee Chairman: John W. Church, III (Vice President)
Twelfth Night Revels: Lawrence J. Choi
Revels Stageworks: Michael R. Mariano

Committee on Active Membership Chairman: Radclyffe F. Thompson
Committee for the election of Singing Members

Associate Membership Chairman: Lawrence J. Choi
Committee for the onboarding of Associate Members

Associate Member Advisory Council (AMAC) Co-Chairmen: 
Lawrence Choi (Singing Member) and Dr. Val Sauri (Associate Member)
The AMAC concentrates on Associate member retention. Lawrence has also set up a parallel committee called
“Associate Membership Acquisition Committee” with mostly Singing Members involved.

 Membership Committee

Radclyffe F. Thompson (chairman), William H. Handy, II (2022-2023)
Mark D. Chiacchiere, Dwayne M. Grannum, Michael D. Maicher (2019-2023
Bradley N. Richards (2021-2025) 

Conductor and Accompanist:

Conductor: John Shankweiler
Accompanist: Mark Daugherty

Other Key Positions:

Beverage: William M. Schmidt
Clubhouse Scheduling: William M. Schmidt
Clubhouse: Mark R.G. Still
Colors: Mark R. G. Still
Concert Program Book: Lawrence J. Choi and Randolph C. Lindel
Concert Recordings: Alfred J. Goodrich
Historian: Judson B. Van Dervort Jr.
Investments: Charles P. Keates
Music Production: Michael R. Mariano
Outreach: Timothy V.I. Ratner
Radio Orpheus: Bradley P. Schrader and Michael J. Liggera
Summer Outing: E. Morgan Maxwell, III
Website and Email: Jonathan L. Crowell and Grady G. Sullivan
Yours in Song (YIS) Newsletter: Timothy V. I. Ratner
1872 Fund Raising: Anthony J. Brown

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